•  A Cultural Renaissance in Silicon Valley


    Home to hackers, hustlers, teachers, and travelers dedicated to building a better world, together.

  • A Community That Helps You Grow



    Immerse yourself in a social, intellectual and compassionate environment with weekly events.


    We have weekly potlucks, monthly parties, and quarterly retreats.

  • It's Fire Night! Kick back, relax.

    and have a s'more while you're at it.

  • What is Alexandria?

    Home. Event space. Research hub.

    Become Your Best Self!

    Evolve as an Old You dies, and a New You is created.

    We believe in mindful, intentional, balanced personal growth. While no activity or practice is ever required to live here, we do care about a cohesive community where each person has at least an interest, and a desire to occasionally partake in collective activities and life practices.


    We are a community who:



    Talks about the nature of reality

    Studies highly accomplished mystics (Merlin), entrepreneurs (Elon Musk), spiritual leaders (Paramahansa Yogananda)

    •Eats healthy!


    •Is comfortable with living authentically as Who We Are - unashamed of our individual quirks, uncontrolled by needless cultural conditioning.

    •Is mindful: We keep clean. We don't abuse our bodies. We act responsibly in all our endeavors, and care for each other and the space around us.

    IS INSANELY CREATIVE!!!!! If you ain't an artist - if thou hast no poetry - if yer don't know who Hagrid is - then think twice, mortal. To live here is not just to partake, but also to contribute.


    •Is ambitious! Do you want to build a blockbuster company?

    •Is inspirational! Do you live in a way that inspires others? Do you exude your professional success, your philosophies, your personal creative flair in a way that makes people stop, look, and listen? Or do you inspire through your humility? All are welcome. All are encouraged.

    •Is supportive! If you strive for - but haven't consistently lived - any of the above, we can help you find your inner Guru, Wizard, and Artist :-)

    Nice Neighborhood

    A small tagline

    Massive backyard. Hottub. Nice neighbors. As funky as we are, we know that at the end of the day, all things epic have their grounding in a pleasant life.


    We're near a park, swimming pool, and Starbucks. We have quiet hours and business grade wifi. We have jobs, boyfriends, and girlfriends. We look normal enough to get by in this material world, while inside, caring about something far deeper.

    Temple of Magic

    Update to this section coming soon!

    Technology and consciousness hacking

    Magic as technology we don't understand yet (Crowley)

    Add a section on IONS-type research, Siddhis, and the difference between Show and Tell


    Video section (DL's YT playlists)

    3-5 blog articles

    -Definitions & Stereotype killers

    -Founder history and story

    Event hosting space

    Devotional aspect; respectful aspect


    Super fabulous hottub

    With privacy tent and burning man rainbow lights.

    Hottub yoga.

    Hottub philosophy chats.

    Hottub escape from the winter.

    Hottub disney princess singalongs.

    Hottub...that may or may not be a time machine.

  • Who lives at Alexandria?

    Current and former residents share their stories.

    David L

    Sorcerer, Artist, Entrepreneur

    David founded Alexandria. He's an energy worker, serial entrepreneur, painter, meditator, martial artist, and still lives here, the nut. Exploring the mysteries of consciousness is his game.



    Ario L

    Music Wizard and Philosopher

    Ario's spectaculicious tunes and daily singing bring Magical Musical Wizardry to Alexandria. His kindness and wisdom are seconded only by his dedication to helping our house run smoothly.




    Jeremy S

    Software Engineer

    Jeremy is a Burner, ex-Googler, and engineer. He can be found tinkering on new projects in his bedroom or trying out new tents for festivals. He is also a Poi master and he can show you how it works if you ask.



    Alex W

    Yoga Warrior with a Big Heart

    Alex's adventures into Authentic Relating, Neuroscience, and our in-house Fight Club have traversed the multiverse. His delightfully happy self is also a great listener.



    Alexander M

    Developer at Feedly

    Alexander is half British and half French. He likes to bring what he likes to call "The French Mafia" to our house and BBQ during the EuroCup. He is an all-encompassing Engineer.



    Rachel G

    Designer and Artist

    Rachel is an interior architecture designer from North Carolina. She adds color and spice throughout our home (be sure to check out her Alexandria murals in the attic!)

    Daniel C

    Power lifter. Software developer. Professional Smiler

    Daniel wakes up every day at 5:30am to show our home gym who's boss. His Canadian Kindness Protocol (TM) has blossomed throughout our community, leveling up everyone's Badassery.

    Adi G

    Oceanographer. Hiker. Adventurer

    Adi's award-winning smile will make you forget whatever you were about to say, and smile back. He helps us all remember to truly live, in an area where everyone is devoted to work. Thanks Adi! :-D

  • At the Heart of Silicon Valley

    We're within 15 mins of Stanford, Google, Facebook, Singularity University, and Caltrain.


    (We're in a cozy and quiet cul-de-sac; you'll receive our address once we're chatting. Privacy is lovely :-)

  • Guests and Friendly Faces

    We've got a top notch team!

    Parth J

    Entrepreneur and Mechanical Engineer

    Parth is a mechanical engineer who is involved in the social enterprise space. He is a Starting Bloc Alum and recently went to Camp Grounded.

    Frances S

    Graphic Designer and Project Manager

    Frances works with Tara weekly on Under 30 Changemakers. She is a talented designer and attended Carnegie Mellon.

    Alberto N

    Sales at Close.io

    My name is Alberto and I'm from Vienna, Austria! Living life to it's fullest is my passion and I always give 100%, be it at the gym, work or spending quality time with awesome people. :) Always down for something new and exciting, especially if it involves food and/or exercise. Love Alexandria for the people, the perfect place to get connected!

  • A Year at Alexandria

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Last year's Community Snapshot

    Last year we went out to a Burlesque show on Halloween in SF, traveled into the mountains to camp and hike, held holiday potluck feasts, and AcroYoga'd all over the house.


    The name "Alexandria" comes from the original Library of Alexandria, a place where world travelers and leaders came to meet and learn, a storehouse of sacred knowledge, and an oasis of culture to expand and enlighten the minds and hearts of all who enter.

  • What People Say About Alexandria

    Past Residents, Salon-Goers, etc.

    Elizabeth S

    Software Engineer at Apple Inc.

    "Alexandria was more than a house - it was a family, in every sense of the word. We ate together, laughed together, learned together, supported one another, and had a blast."



    Max S

    Co-Founder of Alexandria

    "With lambda calculus discussions over breakfast, weekly Salons, late night hot tub chats, homemade ice cream and epic shindigs. the house has grown to be a cultural renaissance in sleepy Palo Alto."



    Michael G

    Editor in Chief of Startup Grind

    "This home is like an embassy for culture, welcoming ambassadors of worldly wisdoms and ingenious strategies for improvement of self, business, and world. Plus the parties are pretty good."



  • A Week in Alexandria

    Documenting Alexandria's quest for knowledge and culture.

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