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A week in Alexandria

Stories from our rotating cast of exceptional guests

 by Daniel Gaspersz
I recently had the privilege of staying at the legendary House of Alexandria, a co-
living community in the very heart of Palo Alto. Even after only spending less than a
week there this place has left a lasting impression on me and even made me
reconsider the way I currently live in Amsterdam.
With only 5 minutes from Stanford University and the offices of Google and
Facebook, Alexandria is perfectly located for people in tech. The venue itself is very
comfortable and includes a large garden and big Silicon Valley-style garage. As there
is a constant in- and outflow of people the exact number of residents that live there
is unknown to me to this very moment, but it should be somewhere in the range of
These residents, also known as the ‘knights of Alexandria’ are the main drivers of
what makes this place so special. Each of them are passionate changemakers that
are doing something impressive in their own respective field. They range from
different backgrounds and disciplines but all share a passion for pushing the wolrd
The high diversity in the house leads to some of the most interesting discussions
and collisions of perspectives. It also fosters an environment of creativity and
serendipity. Of course no certainty is given, but it is in environments like these
where you might get your next idea, meet your co-founder or come up with a crucial
pivot for your current business.
What distinguishes Alexandria from other co-living communities is the weekly
events that are being organized here. From bonfires on Wednesday’s to the famous
One Salon Stanford (that was initiated here) on Monday’s, these gatherings attract
some of the most smart and interesting people in the area.
I am very grateful to have lived in Alexandria and can highly recommend every
hacker, maker or creator that wants to make a dent in the universe to do the same.
To the knights of Alexandria, I salute you and wish you all the best with your exciting
endeavors! Thanks for your kindness and hospitality!
Daniel is an entrepreneur and former Googler passionate about building ventures that accelerate humanity’s exploration of space that will ultimately help humans to become an inter-planetary species. Daniel is currently at the New Worlds Institute, an organization dedicated to developing and supporting those technologies that will enable humanity to thrive in space. Within the New Worlds Institute Daniel has worked closely with space pioneer Rick Tumlinson and former NASA employees. Daniel also have a keen interest in leveraging space technology to drive social innovations here on Earth.
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