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House Bullets

Soundbites and FYIs

•Huge kitchen with dishwasher; 3 fridges in the house.
•Guest bikes.
•A default vibe of productivity and coworking.
•Quiet during the week and weeknights.
•Fully Furnished.

•Common area 1: Comfy living room with sofas, a library, and large TV with ChromeCast for movie or game nights (most of us aren't big on TV, and it's off >70% of the week.). The more social space.

•Common area 2: Dining / coworking room, quieter with more of a work focus. This room, like all other areas in and around the house, has 90Mbps+ business grade internet.

•Common area 3: Workshop and production studio with professional grade lighting for video production and photoshoots. A private mini-office on demand.

•Common area 4: A recently renovated, cozy attic. Great for guest sleepovers, meditation, cuddle parties, or just a retreat. Come paint murals on the walls!

•Common areas 5 & 6: Huge backyard and front porch with ample cozy seating, a safe fire pit, hammock, and many lovely trees.

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•We're 10 minutes from Facebook (close enough to get the rent stipend), Stanford, Caltrain, and Google.

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